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Fishery Applications Consulting Team provides consultation services to fisheries science, management and industry organizations. Our services include high-quality technical assistance based on years of educational and operational experience in the fisheries science and management fields.

Our advantage is the unique expertise and effective performance of our consultants. Aside from ensuring our team is flexible, responsive, and can effectively engage with all aspects of the fisheries management process, we will maintain high quality consulting services, focusing on:

  • Best Science Available (BAS) based products

  • Adherence to the principles of independence, transparency, and objectivity 

  • Communicating with clients in a clear manner

  • Ability to respond quickly to changes in direction

  • Low overhead costs and a flexible work environment

Services Include:

  • Fishery Management Plan development

  • Evaluation of harvesting strategies and management alternatives

  • Meeting facilitation

  • Technical peer review and report compilation

  • Science communication and outreach

  • Stakeholder engagement in science/management processes

  • Stock assessment inputs and outputs

  • Analysis of fishery data

Stakeholder Engagement
Meeting and Conference Facilitation
Meeting facilitation female.jpg
Stock Assessment
assessment blue yellow.png
Technical Review
Science Communication
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Fishery Dependent Data
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