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Fishery Applications Consulting Team works for and with local, regional, national, and international clients. We have provided a wide range of products to support fisheries science and management objectives and meet client needs.


Our technical scientific products include research to support:

  • Population dynamics

  • Stock assessments 

  • Fishery-dependent data analyses

  • Bycatch mitigation evaluation

  • Ecosystem and climate change

  • Offshore wind development


Our facilitation and reporting products include support for:

  • Working group organization

  • Workshop, conference, and meeting logistics

  • Review panel participation

  • Technical reports and reviews 

  • Stakeholder engagement

Check out our products and partners and let us know how we can help meet your fishery science and management needs!

Projects & Results

Management Applications
Offshore Wind Development
Fishery-Independent Surveys
Technical Reviews
Bycatch Mitigation

  • Bycatch Reduction Evaluation

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